About Me

Hello and welcome.

As an emerging artist raised in the SF Bay area, Gaia describes herself as incredibly blessed by the diversity of geography, culture, and inspiration the bay area provided throughout her bohemian childhood. Her parents traveled far to be a part of the movement that was San Francisco in the 1960's. They instilled in her open minded values along with a strong sense of helping others.


While an empath and nurturer, she also lives for pushing the envelope and defying expectations. The Earth’s greatest treasures are found in her novelties, according to Gaia, and her roots curated her love for community, ecology, and art. She aspires to one day fuse them all together in a community space for free expression. 

Artist Statement

I feel a deep empathy for the earth and its creatures. I hear the cries of my fellow humans; the pain we see out in the world, the destruction, and the injustices. My compassion drives me to take action for a brighter tomorrow.  My mission is to make science accessible through design. Ever since I was a child, I have always been an artist. A life without color, expression, and art, is simply not worth living! I am a spirited and unique artist who is ready to help save the world. I want to help make Earth conservation exciting and engaging for everyone with my abstract perspective and use of bright color.